Parkmont Capital LLC operates in real estate management, finance and ownership of multifamily housing and retail in NJ and NYC. The firm acts as court-appointed receiver, licensed real estate broker, and registered investment adviser.

Parkmont Housing develops affordable housing in partnership with non-profits, agencies, and banks. Value added is realized in green design and build-out; stable and sustainable cash flows, social and economic benefits. 

 asset manager & broker, Parkmont acts as court-appointed receiver and property manager; value opinion expert for assets in distress and foreclosure; agent for bank real estate owned; broker for property leases and sales. 

As financing agent & arranger, Parkmont acts in construction, and term finance for asset owners and developers. The firm first determines commercial and financial parameters, and then finds a match via its network of banks, investors, and funds. 

As investment catalyst & partner, Parkmont acts as sponsor and manager. The firm owns brownstone style multifamily assets and is invested in a neighborhood shopping center jointly with private equity and fixed income investors. Parkmont acts as managing partner in asset purchase, upgrade and stabilization, cash flow build-up and realization of gains.